Plant Studies Collaboratory

The Laboratory Lives of Plants and People: Artists, Scientists and Botanical Experiments

Sensing Botanical Sensoria

Affective Ecologies and Involutionary Momentum with Carla Hustak, U Illinois

Edenic Apocalypse: Singapore’s End-of-Time Botanical Tourism

Rooting into the Planthroposcene

Rendering Life Molecular

Model Making in Protein Crystallography

Biological Engineering & Molecular Machines

Pedagogy & Training in Science

Lively Machines: 3D Modeling and Animations

What is life becoming? An Exquisite Cadaver with Stefan Helmreich, MIT, Sophia Roosth, Harvard, and Michael Rossi, Chicago

Entanglements in art and science

Becoming Sensor

Haptic Creativity with Joe Dumit, UC Davis

Movement, Affect and Transductive Ethnography :: adanceaday

Art Meets Science